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Hello, welcome on Vanlifecuisine

Let me introduce myself first. I am Pascal, living in my van in Belgium. I like to cook fresh food and eating well. People (who don’t live in vans) usualy think u have to compromise much more then the reality shows. I’ve been living in my van since September 2015.  Its an adaptation in the beginning because u have to prepare your food on a smaller area, atleast when your cooking inside the van. Cooking in a van isn’t really different then cooking at home, it’s just a habbit. In summertime you can have all the space you want, drop out a bbq and enjoy nature. It’s so easy to prepare fresh and healthy food. It’s also much cheaper then buying processed food. So to show you how i prepare my food, living in my van i decided to start making video’s in the  begin of February 2017. I never made video’s before, neither did i do any editing. Anyway i started filming on my phone and an action cam that i had lying around (I never really used it before).   I got me an editting program and found lots of helpfull tutorials on Youtube. So a few weeks later i registerd a youtube channel, made an instagram, facebook and twitter account. 

What to expect on this website

Cooking in a van, camper, …

I’ll be coocking a variety of things, Inside the van an outside.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and snacks.

Cooking on gas, charcoal, campfire (whenever allowed by regulations)



Want to submit your own recipe? send it to recipe@vanlifecuisine.com

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