Ham sandwich spread

Ham sandwich spread

Today i’m preparing ham sandwich spread. You can add or remove ingredients, to your own taste.

Ingredients : 

Ham, cucumber, eggs, carrot, spring onion, shallot, garlic, shives, pepper, salt and mayonaise

Ham sandwich spread

Preperation :

First boil the eggs, 8 min from boiling point should do it.

We start of with cutting the spring onions lenghtwise in strips. Afterwards we chop them up.

Put those aside for a minute. Next up the cucumber.

Peel the cucumber and dice it up. Put those aside also.

Now we mince the shallots and add those to the rest of the chopped vegetables.

Nextup we are going to grate the carrot in thin ribbons. Add them to the veggies

Last of the preperation, we peel the eggs and chop those up.

Now we can start assembling. Add the chopped eggs in a bowl.

Now add half of the ham and half of the vegetables, mix a little and add the rest. Mix again.

Add salt and pepper to your own tasting.

Stir it al up and add mayonaise. One last good mixing and now you just have to put it on a sandwich.


Ham sandwich spread


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