Ingredients :

eggs, mascarpone, powdered sugar, cacaopowder, finger biscuits, strong coffee, amaretto


Preperation :

Make a cup of strong coffee, pour it in a container add the amaretto and let it cool down.

Seperate the egg whitte and egg yolks

Take the egg white’s add powderd sugar and whisk them untill its a stiff like whip cream.

Take the egg yolks add powderd sugar and give them a good whisk.

Mix the mascarpone with the eggyolks, you can give it a sturdy mix till its a smooth mixture.

Now add the eggwhite with a spatula and gently start turning it under the mascarpone egg yolk mix. (important to do this step slowly to keep a light mixture.) 

Now preparation is done we can start assembling the tiramisu

Take a tray or a plastic container, now dip the finger biscuits briefly in the coffee amaretto mix and place a row on the bottom.

Now on top of the finger biscuits add a layer of the mascarpone and egg mixture.

Lay onother layer of coffe dipped finger biscuits.

Another layer mascarpone mix.

Now top it of with a layer of cacao.

Put in a cooling unit for 1-2 hours and the mixture should be hardened up so you can cut it in to servings.



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