Update : New Van, new plan, more cooking video’s comming soon

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Update : Back to cooking soon

It’s been quiet for a while overhere. I apoligize for that, sometimes things in life don’t always go as planned. A few months after i started this site in April 2017 my previous van died. Due to this event i had to find a replacement to keep me going again. After an intesive search i found a suitable van, it didn’t entirely fitted my wants, but it had a lot of pro’s compared with other vans i saw. Basicly the model is the same as my previous one, biggest difference is the new one isn’t a high top. The previous one was a diesel, the current a gasoline engine. (keeps me in the ok for the low emission zones here in Europe for a while) This one has no remarks on the MOT, not any rust on the body and only 68000 km when purchased.

More detailed posts on the build

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Folow me on instagram and use #vanlifecuisine on your food pictures that are cooked in the van. Once a week i’ll make a repost of a the greatest pictures with a refference to  your instagram username. Show the rest of the world, that living in a van doesn’t mean that you can’t eat a decent meal 🙂


Video's that inspired the build

Some of my older food posts

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